Working With You

Whether you’re looking for support with an on-going issue or you’re taking a tentative first step into therapy, I’m here to help.

Perhaps you feel you need help with anxiety and depression, low mood, or relationship issues. You might be struggling with grief or addiction. Or just in a place of overwhelm. All of this is welcome.

I offer a relational style of therapy that’s safe, nurturing and contained. My intention is to provide the space and time you need to explore your challenges in the short or long-term. Everything that you share with me is confidential and I would encourage you to share as much as possible, even those bits you don’t want others to know.

Together, we’ll create an approach that works for you. Exploring your feelings, paying attention and processing to help you move towards a more integrated and compassionate sense of self.

This will be a transformative process that leads to reduced anxiety and depression and more self-confidence and acceptance. But it can be hard work, so it’s important that you have a strong sense of commitment and learn to trust in the process.

I welcome all of you, even the bits you want to hide. Your fear, your sadness, anger, and shame are valid – I will accept you, exactly as you are.

If you feel ready to take that first step, get in touch. I am here for you.

My approach

I’m an advanced trainee in mindfulness-based Core Process (CP) psychotherapy as well as Somatic Experiencing.

I focus on a mindful approach and help my clients learn how our mind and our body can bring support, self care and healing.

It starts wherever you are right now and welcomes whatever you may bring.


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