Hello, I’m Beth

Let me tell you a little about how I work and why it can be so helpful.

We tell our stories over and over but little changes. What helps is when we tell our story in a structured way, and when we include a spacious awareness of our body. This is what allows our brain to fully process the story.

Then the meaning we hold about our history, and the present moment, can deeply change.

My process of working with you brings together Core Process, a Buddhist and mindfulness informed modality of healing, and also Somatic Experiencing, one of the most potent modes of trauma resolution.

We will work together as a team, and we will work deeply by using your own innate skills. This will support YOUR inherent health and knack for cultivating what you most crave.

Reach out for a free initial intro to see if you feel our work can work for you.

What do you need?

Perhaps you’re struggling with mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression or simply feel lost or overwhelmed.

These experiences are part of being human, but giving ourselves the opportunity to sit with them, allow them, and truly feel the emotions they bring with compassion and awareness, rather than pushing them away or trying to get rid of them is healing.

It is necessary to feel things to heal them. And I can help you learn how to do that and then let them go.

What to expect

Starting a therapeutic relationship can feel scary, and taking that first step to change can be hard. My work is person centered, so led by you, and will always start with a gentle introduction into the process.

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My approach

I’m an advanced trainee in mindfulness-based Core Process (MBCCP) psychotherapy.

I focus on a mindful approach and help my clients learn how our mind and our body can bring support, self care and healing.

It starts wherever you are right now and welcomes whatever you bring.


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